Welcome to MomLife! (formerly know as MOPS) We meet every other Wednesday from 8:45-10:45 Momlife is for ALL moms in all seasons of motherhood. We will spend time in our meetings getting to know and encourage each other, learning from speakers and mentor moms, as well as enjoy breakfast! Childcare is provided for all children under six years. There is also a home school room for older children.
We exists to provide a community for moms in the Dickinson County area to connect with GOD and each other. Being a mom is messy, yet lovely in a very real way and we are all on this journey together! MomLife hopes to equip and encourage moms of all ages and stages, to realize their purpose, potential, and value as mothers, women, and leaders. All of this happens in relationship with Jesus and in partnership with the church. No matter where you have come from or where you are right now, we believe that everyone has something to offer. We hope to create together, serve together, learn together, and grow together through all kinds of seasons and all kinds of stories.